Compiling Report Manager using C++Builder

Download the components from sourceforge and unpack it to a directory:

Version Packages Description
Builder 4 rppack_builder4.bpk Unique complete package (no report design)
Builder 6 rppack_builder6.bpk Report Components (non Visual)
rppackvcl_builder6.bpk Report Componentes (VCL)
rppackdesignvcl_builder6.bpk Report Manager Designer VCL components
rppackdesigntime_builder.bpk Report Manager Design editors
rppackv_builder6.bpk Visual CLX package, for cross platform development
rppackdesign_builder6.bpk Designer CLX package, for cross platform development
Builder 7 rppack_builder2007.cbproj All in one

You must install the packages in the correct order.

C++Builder 6 does not allow sharing VCL and CLX forms in the same project as Delphi allow, because this, when you use the TCLXReport component, the GDI driver is never used, only Qt printing is available. Also TeeChart have the limitation of compiling as a CLX or a VCL (default), that is TeeChart is not available in CLX applications by default.

Note: C++Builder have known problems using qt library wrappers, and QPrinter, to fix QPrinter you must install a updated qtintf.dll library, installed after Delphi 6 Update Pack #2, but to fix problems with Qt library wrappers you should read this article (,1410,29631,00.html) and this article (,1410,29638,00.html).

In Builder IDE select Open option in file menu, then select .bpk package files, click the install button.

If you alter, you can remove the dependeces of the disabled options, for example if you disable ADO support you can remove adortl dependence. Or add other component support like Zeos database objects.

To compile your projetcs you must add the report manager components directory to the library path, and for CLX application you may need add antivcl.hpp file to avoid the use of VCL components in a CLX application.

Thanks to Cristian A. Bugeiro ( for the help in building the first version of the C++Builder 6 packages.

If you compile with runtime packages you must include the .bpl files generated with your application (just like other Borland packages)


To compile your projects you should add the library shlwapi.lib to it.

Sample steps to add support of Zeos library to the components:

- Make sure your zeos components are installed and working. Build a application with only a Zconnection for example.
- Enable zeos support at file, uncomment the line {$DEFINE USEZEOS}
- Open rppack_builder6.bpk, then click on requires clause and add all Z*.bpi files in your $BCB\Projects\Lib (or the output library you have).
- Use build to compile each package, add zeos components library to any package requiring it.