Basic report design

Command line tools

Command line tools are very usefull to provide access to report processing to other applications, shell scripts... You can also link to the report library.

Command Use
reptotxt This command converts a .rep file to a plain text files
txttorep This command converts a plain file to a .rep file, you can process a report or alter it with text processing tools and then save it as a report definition
printrep This command process and print a report definition, you can select a range of pages, number of copies and parameters
printreptopdf This command process a report definition saving it to a Adobe pdf format file or to a native format, Report Metafile, the native format can be viewed with metaview or Internet explorer plugin, and printed with metaprint
metaprint This command prints a Report Metafile format file, you can select a range of pages and number of copies.
compilerep This command generate a executable with a report inside it so it can be distributed independenly (Windows only)

To obtain a description and instructions for use this command line tools write the command without parameters in a command window.