Compilation options

Before compiling Report Manager engine with Delphi/Builder/Kylix you can customize the engine.

The compiler defines allow you to disable engine capabilities to reduce executable size, other way to reduce the executable size is compile with runtime packages.

Compiler Defines
Name Includes
USESQLEXPRESS Allow the use of all DBExpress drivers
USEIBX Allow the use of Interbase Express Native access
USEADO Allow the use of Microsoft Data Access Objects including ODBC compatible drivers
USEBDE Allow the use of Borland Database Engine and also the SQL Links technology
USEIBO Allow the use of Jason Wharton's Interbase Objects
INDY10 Use indy components in version 10, experimental

To enable or disable this defines you must modify file, for example to allow all database drivers but Interbase Objects the first lines of

// Database drivers to be used

To enable a engine capability you must have the correct libraries, for example to enable IBObjects you must have his units in the library path.

Some Defines are automatically disabled (later in the same file) after version checking so if you define USESQLEXPRESS but Delphi 5 compiler version is found the define will be disabled.