Deployment of Report Manager Designer

Windows Linux Description Location/Option
repmandxp.exe repmand Report Manager Main executable AppDir/Required
reportmanres.* reportmanres.* Engine resource strings for multiple languages AppDir/Optional
repmandxp.*   Internal resource translations for repmandxp.exe AppDir/Optional
metaprintxp.exe metaprint (Required)

Metafile print command line tool.

reportserverappxp.exe reportserverapp TCP Report Server X/Win application AppDir/Optional
reportservercon.exe reportservercon TCP Report Server console application AppDir/Optional
repserverconfigxp.exe repserverconfig.exe TCP Report Server configuration client AppDir/Optional
repserverservice.exe   Service application for Windows NT Systems and upper AppDir/Optional
repserviceinstall.exe   Service installation utility for Windows NT Systems and upper AppDir/Optional Interface to QT libs. (Kylix 3) SysDir/Required, QT Linux libs and Windows qt libs and interface to qtlibs (Kylix 2) SysDir/Required Database cached dataset and MyBase driver SysDir/Required

*.sh *.bin

If you place SysDir libraries in AppDir you must use this scripts to start Report Manager executables AppDir/Optional
reptotxt.exe reptotxt Converts a report definition to text AppDir/Optional
txttorep.exe txttorep Converts a text to report definition AppDir/Optional
metaviewxp.exe metaview Displays and prints Report Metafiles AppDir/Optional
printrepxp.exe printrep Loads a report definition and executes it to printer AppDir/Optional
printreptopdf.exe printreptopdf Loads a report definition, proces it and generates pdf, this is a true console app. Required for Simetric Multiprocessing AppDir/Required*l
doc directory doc directory Documentation of Report Manager Designer AppDir/Optional
apilib directory Shared Library Required if your application uses this shared object libraries AppDir/Optional
upx.exe   Metafile executable generator compressor AppDir/Optional
Deployment of dbexpress drivers (SysDir location, Optional)
Windows Linux Description
dbexpint.dll Interbase DBExpress driver
dbexpmysql.dll MySQL DBExpress driver
dbexpmys.dll Old MySQL DBExpress drivers
dbxoodbc.dll ODBC and Unix-ODBC DBExpress driver PostgreSQL DBExpress driver
dbexpdb2.dll DB2 DBExpress driver
dbexpora.dll Oracle DBExpress driver
dbexpinf.dll Informix DBExpress driver
dbexpmss.dll   DBExpress driver for Microsoft SQL server

Deployment of native Delphi/Kylix/Builder and ActiveX

Console applications (not VisualCLX) and VCL Windows applications
Windows Linux
  • You must deploy database drivers you use, if you use IBX, IBO, or something native, none
  • You can deploy the translated resourcestrings, reportmanres.* so the engine will select the correct user language
  • dbxconnections.ini is used by the engine to read connections configurations for DBX,IBX, IBO..., to obtain the file the engine will search at registry \Software\Borland\DBExpress the value 'Connection Registry File', first will search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE if not found, will search HKEY_CURRENT_USER, if not found will search in the application directory for that file.
  • If you use BDE driver you must deploy the entire BDE with the sqllinks dlls you use.
  • If you use DBExpress you can include the following units in your project to disable the need of dlls.
    Unit Dll
    dbExpInt dbexpint.dll
    dbExpOra dbexpora.dll
    dbExpDb2 dbexpdb2.dll
    dbExpMySQL dbexpmysql.dll
  • You must deploy midas.dll or include midaslib unit in your project.
  • Distribute the .manifest file of the executables so they will look with the XP theme
  • You must deploy because Report Manager uses ClientDataset components when accessing to databases
  • You can deploy the translated resourcestrings, reportmanres.* so the engine will select the correct user language
  • Usually you need dbxconnections and dbxdrivers in /home/user/.borland
  • You must deploy database drivers you use, if you use IBX, IBO, or something native, none.
  • You have two options in Linux to deploy the libraries, copy the libs into the application dir or copy the libs in /usr/lib or some common path. If you copy the libs in app path you must modify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable allways you start the application (see file)
Visual CLX applications (in addition of previous files)
Windows Linux
qtintf70.dll (Delphi 7) or qtintf.dll (Delphi 6) (Kylix3) or and (Kylix 2)
Note: If you use VCL only components in a VCL Application you don't need qtintf*.dll

This are qt runtime files provided by Borland since Kylix 3, if you use a earlier version of Kylix you should use the older ones.

ActiveX controls applications
You can distribute reportmanres.* to show the Preview and Print dialogs in the language locale of the user.
Note: You must register it with regsvr32 as any other ActiveX component, usually installation applications like Install Shield do it when you include the file in you installation project