Report Manager Features

  • Opensource under the MPL license model. So, free inclusive for use in commercial applications
  • Cross platform supporting Windows and Linux (Kylix/Delphi/C++Builder)
  • Can be used from any programming language.
  • Simetric multiprocessing support
  • Cross platform TCP Report Server and Report Server client.
  • Cross platform Web Report Server.
  • Report Manager Internet explorer plugin.
  • Small footprint, the engine can be embedded inside your exe.
  • Band based report designer, very easy and similar to MSAccess, Visual Foxpro....
  • Report definition files are very small (most reports fit in less than 5Kbytes)
  • Expression evaluator with builtin functions and access to database fields
  • Report parameters, define them, assign them to querys at run time or design time, optionally the user can alter the parameters
  • Linked or unlinked additional datasets, link querys easily, open datasets to obtain aditional information...
  • Exports to compressed/uncompressed Adobe PDF (scalable/native), and HTML.
  • Custom text output: For each expression inside the report you can define a export line and position to build custom text output.
  • Exports to Excel (Windows) or plain text file or ready to print formated file for dot matrix printers.
  • Supports Delphi 5E-6PE-7PE-8, Kylix 2-3,C++Builder 4E, it should work also with C++ Builder 5E-6 and Delphi 4E
  • If you are using Windows you can select between VCL (no Qt) graphic driver and CLX graphics driver.
  • You can print texts (multiline), images, shapes, lines, barcodes,charts...
  • Multilanguage support for the interface and the reports, runtime and designer. A translation application is provided, if you want to localize report manager to a still not translated language use it.
  • Child subreports (many to many)
  • External sections (share the same section in different reports)
  • Print anything anywhere, with Page position expression and Page number expresion.
  • Report compiler (Windows only), generate a single exe with your report embedded to distribute it (about 300Kbytes)
Supported database engines
  • Any TDataset descendant passed from Delphi/Kylix.
  • Windows: Borland database engine (DBase, Paradox, Interbase, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, ODBC)
  • Windows: Microsoft Data Access Objects (Microsoft Jet, ODBC...)
  • Windows: Interbase Objects (IBO)
  • Windows & Linux: DBExpress (Interbase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle,DB2,Informix, ODBC)
  • Windows & Linux: Native Access to Interbase (IBX, no additional libraries needed)
  • Windows & Linux: Borland Native simple local file database (MyBase)
  • Windows & Linux: Zeos database objects, native access to Interbase/Firebird,MySQL, PostgreSQL...
Report definition & desingning
  • Unlimited number of subreports, each subreport can use a dataset
  • You can print multiple subreports in the same page
  • You can merge subreports using child subreports feature.
  • Each subreport can have a unlimited number of sections of each type (page headers,page footers,group header an footers)
  • Grouping allow sum,min,max,avg and std.desv. operations.
  • You can use groups as subreport headers and footers (summary)
  • Multiple details are printed once for each record of the subreport's dataset
  • Multilanguage support, the labels of the report can be defined in various languages.
  • Each section has also some useful properties:print condition,skip page before or after print,align bottom
  • It supports cms, and inchess and design time
  • Page setup, margings, paper size, page orientation
  • Driver selection when designing the report (Qt driver or Windows GDI driver)
  • You can embed Report Manager Designer in your application, just drop a TRpDesigner, component and use it.
  • You can open any querys or tables you need, you usually link secondary datasets to the main dataset or to other dataset linked to the main dataset.
  • Parametrized linked querys allow you to obtain results from many querys.
  • Define a background image to fill a form for example.
  • Advanced edition options like multiselect, hide elements, alignments...
  • Report Libraries
Printing engine
  • Horizontal movement (multicolumn for label print for example)
  • Page Margins and page orientation
  • Fast, scalable, preview
  • Positioning in 1440 dots per inchess of precision
  • Print resolution limited only by the system print driver
  • Save the report as a metafile report (device independent graphic format)
  • A separate application can print/preview metafiles (metaview)
  • Two pass report optional (pagecount variable available)
  • Use device fonts option (Windows only becuase it still uses the driver), the report will print fast in any dot matrix printer
  • Character lines output for dot matrix and pos devices, this feature allow the print of any report to character based devices like receipt printers and dot matrix printers, it outputs lines with optional formating of escape codes and easy access to cash drawers connected to the printer.
  • Multiple page sizes support: Default page size, system page size and user defined page size.
  • Sections can autoexpand or autocontract
Properties for all controls
  • Print condition
  • Expression evaluation before print
  • Expression evaluation after print
  • Align right, bottom or bottom-right.
  • Z Order (to back, to front)
Properties for text controls
  • Font Name (for each platform and Type1 for PDF)
  • Font Size, Bold, Italic, Color.
  • Background color or transparent
  • Alignment, vertical or horizontal, full text justification only supported in Adobe pdf output.
  • Wordwrap, cut text or not cut text, ignore CR...
  • Multiline texts
  • If you select not cut text, the text control will expand to acomodate size, if parent section has autoexpand property it will expand also.
  • Labels are multilanguage
  • Rotation
Properties for expressions
  • Display Mask
  • Identifier, to reference from other controls
  • Don't print repeated values option
  • The expressions can be grouped with sum, avg...
  • Export expression, line, position, size and format to build custom text output.
Image print control
  • The image can be embedded in the report
  • The image can be loaded from a binary field
  • The image can be loaded from a file path containe in a string field
  • The image can be loaded from a file by writting the filename inside single quotes
  • The image can be stretched, or adapt to pixels per inch defined resolution, you can also do a tile effect
  • Images are supported in PDF format without the need of a XServer running (Linux), see image reference
Barcode control
  • Multiple barcode types support
  • The barcode is readed from a expression or database field
  • You can set the size of the barcode, the ratio, checksum...
Chart control
  • Value expression
  • Get value condition
  • Serie change expression (bool or groupexpression)
  • You can insert values while processing the report.
  • Driver selection, TeeChart (Windows and Linux) or Native.
Simple drawing/decoration control
  • Horz line, Vert line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Roundrect...
  • Pen style (dash,dash dot, solid), width and color
  • Brush Style (lines, cross, solid, pattern) and color