Microsoft Windows Installation

Installing Report Manager Designer is a easy process, you must have application installation rights if you are using NT technology (WNT,W2000,WXP), usually Administrator use or Advanced User can install it.

See hardware and software requirements before installing Report Manager designer.

You must download the latest Microsoft Windows version from sourceforge:

Then execute the setup application:

The setup application will issue a warning, click 'Yes' button, and a welcome window will appear:

Click next and read the license agreement and release notes for the latest version:

You can then select the destination directory (usually Program Files)

You can select also a Start Menu Folder for placing Report Manager Designer icons:

You can also create a Desktop icon or a a quick launch icon.

Only a confirmation dialog left, click intall to proceed:

After that you have the option of executing it or you can go to Start Menu or the generated desktop icon.

Some installation utilities are included in the Start Menu group to install Report Server service and ActiveX control.

To uninstall Report Manager use the standard procedure, that is go to control panel and add/remove software, clic Report Manager Designer and uninstall button.

About database connections configuration files

If you have installed Borland Delphi6 /C++Builder 6 product before, Report Manager will use Borland database connection files (dbxdrivers.ini & dbxconnections.ini) from Borland Shared directory (this path information is stored in the registry), else Report Manager Designer will use current directory files, so to modify that files (alter configuration) you must have rights to them.

To use another directory for database configuration files you must create the registry entries containing the path including the file:

Connection Registry File

Driver Registry File

in key


or (if the above does not exist) HKEY_LOCAL_USER if the configuration is available only for the active user.

Printer configuration file

Report Manager Designer will use a Printer configuration file, only used in printer selection, this file will be searched as Documents & Settings\Local Config\All Users\reporman.ini, if not found it will create or use Documents & Settings\Local Config\YourUserName\reporman.ini