Advanced Report Design

International support

Multilanguage support

Report Manager supports multiple languages. You can place several labels with the text written in one language, then go to page setup screen, change the language and modigy each label to the selected language. The report will store all the strings for the languages of the report.

Unicode support

Chinesse and other unicode languages

Report Manager supports unicode languages in windows (using GDI), preview and print, linux is also supported via Qt libraries. Generation of PDF files is not implemented for WideString languages.

Bidirectional text support (Hebrew and arabic languages)

Bidirectional support is enabled with the Bidi Mode property for all text components, you can select:

Value Meaning
No Bidi No Bidirectional support
Partial Bidi Left to right drawing, horizontal alignment is not changed
Full Bidi Left to right drawing, horizontal alignment is reversed

For a more detail description see Bidi Behaviour.

The Bidi algorithm used is very simple in Linux and PDF output so text containing numbers may be drawn incorrectly, with the Windows GDI driver the drawing is done with Windows GDI and should be correct.