Release Notes

Known issues and workarounds

Report Manager do not start in some Linux distro

This issue only affects some Linux distributions or XFree versions.

Has been reported that some generated Kylix generated applications don't work correctly in some Linux distros, errors like 'Error loading icons.Bitmap' or 'Bitmap not valid' appear in this cases.

The workaround for Report Manager version 1.0RC2 and later (Kylix 3):

- Add/uncomment the line export CLX_USE_LIBQT=true to the file (startup script) so (and system library is loaded instead of

The workaround for Report Manager version 1.0RC1 and previous versions (Kylix 2):

- Remove the library provided in the package so the system provided libqt library will be used.

Error can not load library connecting to databases
The database library names are in dbxdrivers file, if you are upgrading from an older version of Report Manager make sure to copy dbxdrivers (and recomended also dbxconnections) file to /home/yourusername/.borland directory. If you are installing for the first time Report Manager it will check in that directory and then copy the files in the current dir there.
Setting a page size other than default fails

Not all printer drivers supports custom page sizes, some drivers are reported to not work when selecting a predefined pagesize (A2), especially in Windows NT/2000/XP. Some drivers provided by manufactures allow only change page size from page setup dialog and not in runtime. Dot matrix printers are more flexible with page sizes. If you use WinGDI (VCL) driver you will see in the preview exactly the page size supported by the driver using Qt driver (CLX) the preview can show a page size and the final result may differ (printer driver processed).

Some Windows 2000/NT/XP provided drivers does not allow custom paper sizes, but the drivers provided by the manufacter provide this support (for example Epson FX-880). Also test the driver using draft quality (printer properties) in Win9x/Me dot matrix printers drivers.

Note: You must have Administrator rights to create custom page sizes in Windows NT/2000/XP, once created by the administrator (preview or print once), the custom page is available for all users using this printer.

Previewing a large page size raises eception Invalid Canvas State-Invalid handle...
This only happens in some versions of Windows and only with Qt Driver, this is a limitation of system resources, the issue affects Win9x/Millenium/NT/2000, in Windows XP works ok, the VCL driver uses Device Independent Bitmaps and is not affected.
Changing the printer device when selecting page ranges results in nothing printed

This issue only affects the Qt Driver (CLX) in Windows systems.

The printer selection has no effect in Windows systems, the workaround is to call PrinterSetup dialog before printing or use the GDI driver, if you use TCLXReport you can select the driver (rpDriverGDI), this setting is ignored in Linux.

This is a kwown bug of Qt Libraries , it's fixed in 3.0.5,

Setting paper orientation to landscape not works

This issue only affects the Qt Driver (CLX) in Windows systems.

This is a kwown bug of Qt Libraries , it's fixed in 3.0.5, the workaround is to call PrinterSetup dialog before printing or use the GDI driver.

Printing does not work in Linux, the preview is ok but nothing is send to printer

This issue only affects some Linux systems the source seems the printer queue, in Kylix2 the issue is related to qt libs and Borland runtime library localization

The fast and effective workaround is to launch your application setting enviroment variable LC_NUMERIC=en_US, see startup script. Then in your Kylix application you can set the DecimalSeparator and ThousandSeparator variables before print so you can print with your custom locale settings, take care this setting can get international chars not working (Mandrake 9.0 basic install)

Another workaround to is to use the launcher provided by Report Manager, for example if you have compiled myprogram.

But you should enable KYLIX_PRINTBUG first, that is:


cp repmand.bin myprogram.bin

This launcher add the current directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, then save locale configuration to enviroment variables, launch the application without the .bin extension but with modified LC_NUMERIC, the Report Manager engine restores the locale configuration (Decimal separator and Thousand separator)

The way to reproduce the bug is:

The CLX print engine does not work well in some Linux systems/configurations, you can test if your system works ok by writting a small program in kylix and executing it:



printer.canvas.textout(100,100,'Hello World');


If after connecting to a database the printer not works your system have the 'Kylixprintbugfix'. To fix this set Kylix Print Bug Fix in preferences (Report Manager Designer) and try again. At runtime you must set rpqtdriver.kylixprintbugfix variable to true. This can be a X fonts qt inplementation because if you replace the textout by a Rectangle works perfectly.

The workaround uses metaprint command line tool to print a generated metafile so you must distribute metaprint in the same directory of your exe.

Kylix 3 solves only the SIGSEV problem but not the silent problem (see release notes of Kylix 3).

Access violation passing runtime linked querys to the engine using Delphi 7
Delphi 7 introduces a bug when linking a query (datasource) that is linked to another query, (three linked querys), this situation usually raises an Access Violation in some memory address when the first dataset moves, the engine introduces the compiler define QUERYLINKBUG, this will disable all datasources in correct order, move main dataset and then reenable the datasources in correct order. Delphi 5 and 6 does not have this bug, this bug seems to be reproduced only with ADO and BDE drivers.
Connecting to Oracle 9i databases
There seems to be a problem with Oracle 9i library. Use from an 8.1.7 Oracle version (for example copied to /usr/lib). Connecting to a 9i database with an 8i driver works as long as you do not use 9i features inside your queries
Web report server don't show international characters

This problem appear in Interbase dbexpress driver, use IBX driver instead or investigate the source of the problem, but it's reported to be fixed using the appropiate lang environment variables, that is place in area cgi of the apache (httpd.conf): SetEnv LANG pt_BR

Connecting to MySQL from ADO/ODBC returns invalid field size and other errors
Try setting OPTION=3 in connection string. It is the same as setting "Don't optimize column width" and "Return matching rows" in MyODBC configuration screen
Problems connecting to ODBC datasources in Microsoft Windows

From Paul MacDougall []

If you have problems, make sure you have an entry in the registry:

(where DSN_NAME is the name of your dsn)