Missing features, maybe included in next major versions

This is a missing features list, it can be considered also a to do list.

  • Enhaced exporting to HTML (drawing elements)
  • Enhaced exporting to SVG (drawing elements)
  • Export to RTF (use export to plain text now)
  • Better parameters configuration (datasource)
Supported database engines
  • Removing the TClientDataset dependence (it will allow compile with Professional versions of Delphi 4/5 and Builder 4/5
  • Add Borland .Net data providers and Microsoft .Net data providers
Report Server and web Report Server
  • Better parameter HTML in web report server using datasources and lists of values
Report definition & desingning
  • Moving components between sections (use cut & paste now)
Printing engine
  • Exactly same sizes in preview and print, using TRpVCLDriver and TRpPDFdrivers
Properties for all sections
  • Drill down?
  • Establish relations between fields to get size and position from each other component.
Properties for text controls
  • Hyperlinks at preview
Properties for expressions
  • More functions available
  • Add a OnFunction to the base report class you user defined functions can easily added
Image print control
  • Monocrome and RLE compressed bitmaps in PDF export (Qt and GDI already support them)
Barcode control
  • Enhaced barcode printing in Linux with a better resolution (Qt 3.0 version is needed to pass the 100dpi limitation)
Chart control
  • More chart types in native driver, for now you can use TeeChar
Simple drawing/decoration control
  • Polylines