Basic report design

Designer Preferences

Designer preferences are not stored for each report, but for each machine or user where Report Manager Designer is installed.

You can switch between centimeters and inchess measurement units:

Note that the measurement properties of items and sections are expressed in the unit you select here.

In Microsoft Windows you can select to print using Qt/CLX library or GDI/VCL library (a report definition is platform and device independent).

Here is a table of differences between the drivers:

Feature Qt/CLX Driver GDI Windows driver
Cross Platform Yes No
Fixed resolution to 100 dpi Yes No
Printer resolution No Yes
Can use device fonts No Yes
Knows exact printable area No Yes
Exactly positioning Driver dependent Yes
Pen patterns width variable pen widths (dash, dot...) Yes No
System metafile capable No Yes
Needs ghostcript in Linux Yes No
Custom page sizes No Yes*

* See known issues and workarounds

Usually Windows GDI performs better drawing features and precision (with a good device driver), but it's not cross platform.

When you print/preview using GDI driver you are obtaining the same result as using TVCLReport Delphi/Builder component.

When you print/prevew using Qt driver you are obtaining the same result as using TCLXDriver.

Qt System print dialog

Selecting this option (default) the print dialog is the Qt system print dialog in Linux and Windows print dialog in Windows, if you disable this option a custom Report Manager engine is shown.

Status Bar

Selecting this option (default) the status bar is shown. You can obtain a little more workspace disabling the status bar.

Qt Widget Style

Qt widget style is set initially to default, so in Microsoft Windows the widget appearance is the same as Windows 9x/NT/Millenium/2000 but in Linux the widget style is the default system widget style (usually windows).

You can select the widget style you like, it will be remembered by Report Manager Designer, here are two samples: