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Properties for TRpBarcode


Name Internal Name Type Description
Bar Type Typ TRpBarcodeType
Type Description

Code_2_5_interleaved, Code_2_5_industrial, Code_2_5_matrix, bcCodeITF14

2 of 5 code family, supports all properties, this code allow to code an unlimited number of digits
Code39, Code39Extended Code39 Family, supports all properties, this code allow to code an unlimited number of alphanumeric characters, the barcode with is wider than other that only supports digits, if CalcChecksum is set an additional character checksum is added
Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code128

Code 128 family, A and B allow alphanumeric coding, the B allow also lowercase chars. The C allow only numeric values but gerenerates the narrowest barcode. The Code128 generates a B and C mixed barcode, full optimized, so a code like 234534AB generates a 128C segment and a 128B segment, so the barcode is 50% smaller than using 128B.

To generate EAN128 valid codes you must use the application fields and separator digits, you can use the 102 code or any char with a ascii code greater than 102 to represent a separator digit, a EAN128 code always begins with a separator, a sample:


Code93, Code93Extended Code93 family, alphanumeric barcodes
CodeMSI MSI barcodes, only digits
CodePostNet Postnet barcode, only digits
CodeCodabar Codabar barcode, digits, and A..D letters and some symbols
CodeEAN8, CodeEAN13 European EAN barcodes, the last digit is a checksum and can be calculated if CalcChecksum property is set


Calc.Checksum Checksum Boolean

For codes with checksum, the checksum is not included and the engine must calculate it.

Only has effect on EAN8,EAN13 and Code39 barcodes.

Bar Modul Modul Integer Internally stored in twips, editable in cms or inch, determine the minimum bar with, depends on print quality, the barcode can be readable or not, Windows GDI allow the access to device points so in Windows you usually obtain better readable barcodes with lower quality printers
Bar Ratio Ratio Double

Valid ratio values are between 2.0 and 3.0, except for 2_5_matrix between 2.25 and 3.0. Usually the ratio is 2.0 and it's adjusted to 2.25 on 2_5_matrix. Larger the ratio value wider the barcode output.

Expression Expression WideString The value of the barcode is obtained evaluating this expression, the result must be a string, depends on the barcode type, can contain aphanumeric or only digits
Display Format DisplayFormat String If assigned, the result expression will be processed with this mask, see TRpExpression reference
Rotation Rotation Integer Only square rotations are allowed for now

Aditional details about the implementation

Because Report Manager driver architechture, the barcodes are only supported by the drivers supporting drawing and filling rects, that is the Excel and Plain text driver does not support barcodes.

Developer info

Internal component name TRpBarcode
Parent class TRpCommonPosComponent
Unit name rpmdbarcode.pas

See also Report components common properties.