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Properties for TRpChart


Name Internal Name Type Description
Expression Expression WideString Expression, the result of evaluating the expression will be included in the chart data for each record, if the data is not record based you can use the expression evaluator functions for charts with the identifier property of the chart to enter the desired values to the chart data
Identifier Identifier String

If you assign a identifier string, the identifier is included in the expression evaluator namespace, this is useful to add values to the chart (or clear them) using expression evaluator functions for charts.

Chart Type ChartType TRpChartType Chart type, the native driver only supports the Line type, Teechart supports all of them
Get V.Cond GetValueCondition WideString Expression indicating when to get a value (for each record the engine will insert a value if expression property is set)
Serie Change exp. SerieChangeExpressoin WideString Expression to determine a serie change, evaluated for each record if expression property is set
Bool S.Change BoolSerieChange Boolean Indicates if the change serie expression must be processed as a boolean value (true) or as a value that can change and the change of a serie must coincide with expression value change (just like group expressions)
Clear Expression ClearExpression WideString Like Serie change but to determine when to clear the values
Bool C. Esp. BoolClearExpression Boolean Indicates if the clear expression must be processed as a boolean value (true=clear) or as a value that can change and the change of the balue foces the clear of the chart values
Caption Exp CaptionExpression WideString If expression property is set, for each record a value is entered into the chart, the caption of the value is get evaluating this expression
Driver Driver TRpChartDriver Default driver will get TeeChart in Windows and Native in Linux (to avoid Qt libs dependence and because it's not included by default in Kylix), you can force to use any driver, Teechart is only available if Teechart have been compiled into the engine.
View3d View3d Boolean View the chart as 3d chart (Teechart only)
3dWalls View3dWalls Boolean Draw the walls with a 3d effect (Teechart only)
Perspective Perspective Integer Perpective value for Teechart
Elevation Elevation Integer Elevation value for Teechart
Rotation Rotation Integer Rotation value for Teechart
Orthogonal Orthogonal Boolean Orthogonal value for Teechart
Zoom Zoom Integer Zoom value for Teechart
H.Offset HorzOffset Integer Horizontal displacement for Teechart
V.Offset VertOffset Integer Vertical displacement for Teechart
Tilt Tilt Integer Tilt value for Teechart
Resolution(dpi) Resolution Integer Dots per inchess for drawing the chart (Teechart), choose a value from 100 for low quality (less size) to 400 for high quality (more size)
Multibar Multibar TRpMultibar Multibar value for Teechart
Show Hint SHowHint Boolean Show a mark with the value inside the drawing
Show Legend Showlegend Boolean Show chart legend
Mark style MarkStyle Integer Select a mark style, value, percent...
Font Size V.Axis HorzFontSize Integer Font size, horizontal axis texts
Font Rot.V.Axis HorzFontRotation Integer Font rotation, horizontal axis texts
Font Size H. Axis VertFontSize Integer Font size, vertical axis texts
Font Rot. H.Axis HorzFontRotation Integer Font rotation horizontal axis texts
Color Expression ColorExpression WideString A expression can be assigned, the result should be an integer value, that will be used as the color for the current value added to the chart
Serie Color Expression SerieColorExpression WideString A expression can be assigned, the result should be an integer value, that will be used as the color for the current serie added to the chart

Aditional details about the implementation

Because Report Manager driver architechture, the chart output is processed diferently for each driver, the drivers not supporting charts are Excel and Plain Text driver. Printreptopdf command line tool does not support Teechart (nice charts) because it does not requires an X-Server. To generate pdf files or metafiles (with nice charts), from command line use printrep command line instead

Developer info

Internal component name TRpChart
Parent class TRpCommonPosComponent
Unit name rpmdchart.pas

See also Report components common properties.