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Database connections


This is a collection that describes the properties of each database connection used in the report. The items of this collection are edited in the designer in the data configuration dialog.


Each item describes a connection, based on a database connection driver.

Property name Type Description
Alias String

The connection name links to the connection name for each defined dataset, aditionally the name can be used to obtain data from configuration files like path to database, user name, password...

It depends on the selected driver:

Driver Meaning
MyBase The alias will allow reading of path for specified files, the database property of the dbxconnectoins file will contain this path
BDE The alias must coincide with an existent Borland Database Engine Alias, only the password property is read from the dbxconnections file
DBExpress The configuration is read from dbxconnections file, using Borland conventions
IBX The configuration is read from dbxconneciions file, then internally translated to IBX valid parameters, database, user, password and character set are read, you must configure the dbx connection as a Interbase DBExpress connection, but the engine will use IBX
IBO Same as IBX but for Interbase Objects by Jason Wharton
ADO Nothing is read from dbxconnections, you must place all the information to connect inside Connection string
ZeosLib The configuration is read from the DBExpress driver, a compatible configuration set is provided in dbxdrivers.ini file, so you can add ZeosLib connections, the connection parameters are read from dbxconnections, but used with natively with Zeos library (only the client database vendor libraries needed)
Driver TRpDatabaseDriver
Driver Meaning
MyBase This database driver is natively implemented it allows reading from xml or binary Borland TClientDataset compatible files or also plain files, to read plain files you must provide a file defining the field sizes and types, you have a wizard in Report Manager Designer to generate the field definition file
BDE The Borland Database Engine must be installed in the client machine (not necessary in the server machine). The BDE allow connecting to DBase, FoxPro and Paradox files and any ODBC datasource, if the BDE also have SQL Links available it can connect to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Interbase, Firebird, Sybase and Informix.
DBExpress The dbexpress drivers are small but efficient database drivers, a few database drivers are provided with Report Manager, there are other commercial dbexpress drivers available
IBX Interbase Express is a Borland library, designed especially for Interbase database, but is also works for Firebird database, it's efficient and does not need additional libraries.
IBO IBO is similar in concept to IBX but differs on implementation (only works for Windows) and it's a commercial product from Jason Wharton, it's not compiled usually with Report Manager engine so if you want to compile IBO with the engine you must modify file.
ADO ADO is a native Borland interface to Microsoft Database Objects, efficient for working with Microsoft provided drivers and databases, or also to connect using ODBC
ZeosLib Zeos library is a component set to access some database engines, it's compiled inside all Report Manager binaries, so you can use it normally, but if you use Report Manager components and want to add the support in compilation (Kylix/Builder/Delphi) modify the file to enable the Zeos Library compiling and linking.
Load Parameters Boolean Check it and the database parameters will be loaded from dbxconnections.ini file
Login Prompt Boolean Check it and the engine will ask the user the user name and password instead of reading it from dbxconnections.ini file

Developer info

Internal component name TRpDatabaseInfoList
Parent class TCollection
Unit name rpdatainfo.pas
CLX/VCLReport property Report.DatabaseInfo

It has the same properties and methods of standard collections, for example the IndexOf method allow you to locate the index of a database connection by name.

Property name Type Description


The properties of this collection items are described bellow

Developer info

Internal component name TRpDatabaseInfoItem
Parent class TCollectionItem
Unit name rpdatainfo.pas
CLX/VCLReport property Report.DatabaseInfo.Items[index]