Component Reference

Properties for TRpShape


Name Internal Name Type Description
Shape Shape TRpShapeType rectangle, square, rounded rectangle, rounded square, ellipse, circle, horizontal line, vertical line, oblique 1 and oblique 2
Pen Style PenStyle TPenStyle

solid, dash, dot, dash-dot, dash-dot-dot, clear

Clear means transparent pen

Pen Color PenColor TColor Pen color as a RGB integer
Pen Width PenWidth TRpTwips Pen width in twips (0=minimum device width), 1440 twips=1 inch
Brush style BrushStyle TRpBrushStyle solid, clear, horizontal pattern, vertical pattern, diagonal pattern 1, diagonal pattern 2, cross pattern, diagonal cross pattern, dense 1 to 7 patterns
Brush Color BrushColor TColor Pen color as a RGB integer

Developer info

Internal component name TRpShape
Parent class TRpCommonPosComponent
Unit name rpdrawitem.pas

See also Report components common properties.