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Properties for TRpImage


Name Internal Name Type Description
Draw Style DrawStyle TRpImageDrawStyle
Value Meaning
Crop Draws the image using the Resolution property to determine size, then cut the part of the image outside the component size
Stretch Draws the image no using the Resolution property but adapting to the size of the component size
Full Draws the image using the Resolution property to determine size, then ignores component size, you can use this property with parent sectoin autoexpand property to draw different image sizes optimizing page space
Tile Draws the image repeating it until the component size is filled, this is used to obtain for example beatiful backgrounds from small sized bitmaps
Expression Expression WideString

The image can be embedded (Image propery) or obtained throught this expression property, the expression is evaluated, if the expression result is a binary database field will try to read the image from there, see below the image formats supported. If the field is a string field or the result of evaluation is a string the engine will try to load the image as a file reference.

Image Stream TStream Embedded image, stored with the report structure containing a image stream. When embedding large images you should set prefered save format in page setup to binary/gzip to enhace performance.
Resolution (dpi) dpires Integer Resolution of the image in pixels per inch unit, the size of the bitmap and the resolution will determine the final size depending on the Draw Style property

Aditional details about the implementation

Because Report Manager driver architechture, the image formats supported depends on the output driver used, the server applications use the PDF driver.

Supported Image file formats

Image type Windows QT Linux QT Windows GDI HTML PDF
  TCLXReport TCLXReport TVCLReport   TPDFReport
Windows Bitmap, regular Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Bitmap, RLE Yes Yes Yes No No
Windows Bitmap, Monochrome Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
JPeg Image (any method) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PNG Image Yes Yes No No No
XPM Images Yes Yes No No No
Gif Image No No No No No


Developer info

Internal component name TRpImage
Parent class TRpCommonPosComponent
Unit name rpdrawitem.pas

See also Report components common properties.