Component Reference

Subreport properties


A report contains at least one subreport, and a subreport contains at least one detail.

Properties for subreports

Name Internal Name Type Description
Main dataset Alias String Alias name for the dataset the subreport will use to iterate (repeat) the detail/s section/s. If a subreport have this property empty it will print each detail section once. You can use more than one subreport and more than one main dataset to print more than one dataset sequentially or in a master detail relationship (child subreport property of a section)
P.Only Data avail. PrintOnlyIfDataAvailable Boolean If this property is true and a Main dataset have been assigned, the subreport will not print any of its sections if the dataset is empty.

Developer info

Internal component name TRpSubReport
Parent class TComponent
Unit name rpsubreport.pas

There is a collection of subreports inside a TRpReport component, to access the first subreport you can write: