Hardware and software requirements

Report Manager works in all current Microsoft OS, Win98,Windows Millenium, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, it also works in any Linux modern distribution.

To compile Report Manager you need Delphi, C++Builder in Microsoft Windows or Kylix in Linux. It has command line tools to allow the use of the engine from any development enviroment or language.

Hardware system requirements are relative to the use of the engine, the database engine performance etc...

Report Manager Designer uses Qt library widgets under X Window System so the performance gain with a good machine will be noticeable.

On the other way console processing of a report and exporting it to Adobe PDF format (for example using printtopdf command line tool) will consume little resources, and can be fast enought using a old Pentium 75 machine.

Microsoft Windows System Requirements
shfolder.dll, shlwapi.dll system files provided by Internet Explorer 5 or better, Windows 2000, Millenium and XP already provide this systems files
To allow unicode widestrings you need a Windows NT system
Installing a printer is optional but recomended
Linux System Requirements
glibc 2.2 or better, jpeg library
To Design reports, print or preview a X Window Server is required
You can use the reporting engine without a X Server exporting to PDF format for example