Report Manager Server

Report Client

The report client application is metaview, with metaview you can connect to a machine running Report Manager Server. You connect providing hostname, user name and password. By default a report server has only Admin user with blank password.

You can also execute reports with the VCL component and the standard library.

Note: The screenshots are in spanish

After connection, the report server provides a list of available aliases, each alias can have a diferent set of avaliable reports, the reports are represented in a tree structure. Here is a sample of a generated tree.

You can modify the parameters before executing:

When you execute the report, the server sends the result to the client application, then you can print it, save as a report metafile or as a Adobe PDF file.

To distribute the report client you need only this files

Windows Linux
metaviewxp.exe metaview,,
reportmanres.*, metaviewxp.* (Optional)
reportmanres.* (Optional)

Internationalization files (reportmanres.*,metaviewxp.*) are optional, the default language is English.

See also Report Server configuration.