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Associated Veterinary Services
Implementation Begin: 05/01/2003
Implementaiton Working Since: 11/01/2003

Report Manager was part of a succesfull migration from Paradox under BDE and Crystal Reports to a new application using FireBird under IBX and Report Manager, it is use to do reciepts, historys, rabies tags, and payroll management reports. The server database is FireBird 1.03 running on a 800mhz Linux computer with one gig of ram and two 10,000rpm scsi drives. the client operating system is a mixture of windows 98, windows me, and windows 2k.

Jacob Alberty,January 22th, 2004, Associated Veterinary Services USA,

AMNET, Cable TV company

Since 2 years we have looking for a good reporting tool that can be used in both Windows and Linux environment. Since we found RM we've solved all our problems of compatibility. Now we can deploy the reports that our internal users need. In the past we used to develop our reports in QR/FR but RM is the best tool I ever known, we are happy in our IT department because It let us forget about the painfull work of coversion. By the way, we develop in Delphi 7 / Kylix 3 and use RM v1.6. , INTERBASE v6 on linux server. Win98/2000 and Linux RedHat/Mandrake in WK.

Steiger Pizarro, January 22th, 2004
Grupo AMNET, Costa Rica

VSO MicroLab - Laboratory Reports Management System

This application manages and prints the Patients Tests Requisition Slips. It will also print reports of the tests for Bio-chemistry, Hematology, Lipid Profile, Micro-Biology, Stool Examination, Sugar Profile and Urine Analysis.

Some of the test are as follows: Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Cardiac Profile, Amylase, Electrolytes, HB, TC, DC, ESR, BT CT, TBT, FNAC, Histo-Pathology, Urine Routine Micro, BSBP, Acetone, Pregnancy, Semen Analysis, and others.

Mr. Bhavbhuti Nathwani
Venus Software Operations

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