Advanced report design

TeeChart support

The chart component of Report Manager engine has a Driver property, you can select the desired driver, the default driver will choose the best available driver, that is TeeChart if you enabled it.

Enabling TeeChart

If you compile the engine, by default does not enable TeeCharts. To enable TeeChart you must modify file and enable it:


TeeChart is a powerful component included in Delphi (Windows, TeeChart standard edition) since early versions. Unfortunatelly, TeeChart is not provided in Kylix.

You can purchase TeeChart Pro from Steema corporation, it's also available for Kylix.

TeeChart limitations

When you enable TeeChart compilation, the engine uses VCL TeeChart version in Windows (Delphi), and CLX version in Kylix. You must recompile all the packages because TeeChart introduces new dependences to the base package, so after enabling TeeChart, you can't use the Report Manager engine without an X Server running in Linux.

Many of the properties of the chart component of the Report Manager engine are related only to TeeChart (perspective, rotation..), the native chart driver only support lines, but it's very fast and don't have any CLX or VCL dependences (ideal for console or web applications).

TeeChart generates bitmaps in a selected bitmap resolution, so they are stored as a bitmap inside the processed report (pdf or metafile), it's not vectorized, and the generated report can be bigger and slower to print.

TeeChart is enabled in provided binaries, the exception are printreptopdf and repwebexe commmand line tools because they don't need a X-Server running, if you want to display beautiful charts you need to enable TeeChart.