Using Report Manager .Net native components

Download the .Net package from sourceforge, then uncompress the package to a directory in your computer.

You can choose to install the binary assemblies or add the project files directly to your project.

To optimize the file sizes and separate technologies used (Windows Forms, ASP.Net mostly), Report Manager is separated in diverse assemblies, so they have different dependences.

Name spaces are used for diferent components, they match with library name.


Library name Description System.Drawing Windows.Forms Web.Forms System.Data
Reportman.Drawing.dll Base classes, no database support, drawing structures and routines to preview and print already calculated reports Yes No No No
Reportman.Reporting.dll Classes no read, write, and execute report templates, converting them into metafiles Yes No No Yes
Reportman.Drawing.Forms.dll Define Window.Forms presentation of metafiles and other drawing utilities dependent on Windows.Forms Yes Yes No No
Reportman.Reporting.Forms.dll Define Windows.Forms presentation for report options and another data enabled forms Yes Yes No No
Reportman.Designer.dll Define Windows.Forms presentation for the end user report designer where the user design report templates Yes Yes   Yes
Reportman.Web Define the utilities and Web.Forms provided to execute and present reports in a Web application Yes No Yes Yes

Usually you add allways the base class Reportman.Drawing plus the technologies no need (Winforms, Data access, Web)