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The methods of the PrintReport class are listed below. For a complete list of PrintReport class members, see the PrintReport Members topic.

Public Static Methods

Main PrintReport application gets a Report file (.rep) as input, process it using Reportman library and outputs the result to screen, printer, pdf and other formats.
printreport.exe [options] reportfile|-stdin
This means options are optional, but a report file or -stdin must be specified.
Option Description
-preview Show preview window, that is output to screen
-showprogress While calculating the report, show a progress window, that is for the impatients
-pdf filename Generate a pdf file, file name must be specified
-m filename Generate a report metafile, file name must be specified
-u The pdf/metafile output will be uncompressed, have effect only used with -pdf option
-deletereport Delete the report file after execution, handle with care
-systempreview Output to screen but using framework preview (low performance)
-syncexecution Do not process report asynchronously
-throw Throw expecion on error, by default a window with error message will pop up

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